The Facemask Camera provides coaches, players and fans with a unique view that no other camera can provide!

Our patented camera mounts behind the player’s facemask and can be used in full contact play without damaging the camera or risking player safety.

Read on to learn how the Facemask Camera can improve fan experience, provide insane video for the ultimate highlights and be used as a coaching tool to improve player performance.

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We designed the Facemask Camera to provide high quality video from a player’s point of view that no other camera can provide in full contact sports.

Full Contact.

Our patented Facemask Camera mounts behind the helmet’s facemask and does not extend outside the protection of the mask.  Audio and video are recorded during full speed, full contact play without players and opponents needing to be concerned with damaging the equipment during collision.

Noteable Customers.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers, University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming, Arizona State University, University of Hawaii, Tulane University, Vanderbilt University, University of Idaho, St. Olaf College, Des Moines Blaze (MFA),  Atlanta Defenders (NPSFL), Dallas Defenders (NPSFL). Essex Ravins (Canada), Bellevue High School (WA), Eastside Catholic HS (WA), Woodinville HS (WA), Federal Way HS (WA), Auburn Riverside HS (WA), Lester Prairie HS (MN)


We designed the Facemask Camera to handle the physical abuse that comes from full contact sports.  Our cameras are designed to deliver the best video quality possible under the most physical conditions.


Our unique camera ONLY supports Riddell Speed and Riddell 360 helmets.

What’s in the Box.

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Our Brochure.

Download Brochure Download our Facemask Camera Brochure in .PDF Format


Limited Supply.

We have a limited supply of cameras on hand so order yours today before they’re gone!