Tip: Common Issues

Below are the most common troubleshooting issues for Facemask Camera owners.

Symptom Possible Reason Solution
Failed to Start Low Power Recharge Battery
System Halted Reset camera
Auto Shut-Off Low Power Recharge Battery
Micro-SD Card Full Remove videos from card
LED Constant BLUE Unable to read card Properly insert micro-SD card

tip-iconCamera will NOT start: Be sure that you have fully charged the camera prior to use.  Also check to make sure that a micro-SD card has been properly inserted into the camera and that the micro-SD card has empty storage space.

Camera LED is BLUE: No micro-SD card is inserted into the camera.

micro-SD card is too small for my Computer: The micro-SD card needs  to first be placed into the SD adapter case before it is inserted into the computer.

My computer does not have a SD card slot: You can still use the USB cable and connect the camera to your computer or you can purchase an inexpensive SD to USB adapter from most office or computer retailers.

Camera is loose in the facemask: You may need to reposition the camera to ensure that the flange and center facemask bar gap are lined up properly with the facemask.  You can also use the spacers to fill in a gap between the camera and the mounting brackets on the vertical facemask bars for a tighter fit.

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